Thursday, January 28, 2010


Woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back asleep. Hope this isn't a side effect of the diet. I keep reading people sleep better! Thinking of sneaking a gluten free ambien tonight. My muscles have a deep ache today in my back and legs, probably from inertia. Need to get on that new Octane L got for our "gym"/garage. She could use more attention.

Breakfast was the same old ... need to change that tune to eggs tomorrow. Doesn't that look delicious?? Z had my favorite cereal this morning and I'm sure he saw me eyeing it.

Must say I'm happy as a clam even though I'm not allowed to eat one. It's gorgeous outside, sunny and 70. That's yummy! Need to look up the special grapefruit mixture for Dr. Joshi's diet that we need to have once weekly. Hurry back L so we can cleanse. And what about the colonics? To be discussed ...

Booked a sitter for Friday night so I can go on the town to a movie and not drink or eat! I can sit through a movie without popcorn. If you put me in a straight jacket! Will need to arm myself with snacks.

Back from my 11am appointment who said I looked "depleted and tired". Ouch. The anti-glow. Certainly it will all turn around. Soon. For lunch, I had a salad with the avocado dressing. Just veggies and some goat cheese. Portion control will work itself out because of boredom. Working on a spreadsheet for more interesting meals ... yes, that's so me.

Had some rice cakes with guacamole on them for a snack. And then shared my edamame with Z while he ate his "special sticks" (don't say "fish" to a 4yo) and sweet potato fries. I made a chicken paillard for dinner with a salad. L went out for dinner in NY and aced it! Chicken with veggies. I can feel her glowing from here.

Very tired from the early rise so it's early to bed ... after some Aussie open of course. The leg pain has subsided so I think working out tomorrow is in order, before I'm captive in the house for ATT and their inane 20 hour window!

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