Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day One Dr. Joshi's 21-day Detox

L and I decided to go on a "cleanse" and thought Dr. Joshi's looked the most sensible (re: the easiest). I didn't buy the book because I read that it's repetitive and got the information from other blogs and posts. Basically, it's getting the body to be alkaline as opposed to acidic. Pretty simple. There are of course recommendations for vitamins and special detox concoctions that we will try to adhere to but overall it's just a sensible low carb, low cal diet that creates a "glow". Which is what attracted me. Who doesn't want a "glow"?? Not sure where the glow happens but I'm open.

Day one:

No coffee in the morning. Hellish. Not only for the caffeine but the ritual. I like rituals. Love. But okay we skip it for the daily lemon and warm water. Except for lemon and limes the only fruit allowed is bananas because most fruit is picked before it's ripened therefore non-alkaline. Simple. I'm a fan of bananas but I can see the road ahead will be slippery ...

We follow the lemon water with green tea (drink LOTS of this throughout so be close to porcelain) and try to rummage for breakfast since I didn't really prepare as well as I should have. There is some plain yogurt and A banana which we have to split. L isn't a fan of plain yogurt so needs some honey for palatibility. I think because I know I'm on a diet, I'm starving but I have to take Z to school and go to the office. Without detox snacks. Not even sure what those are yet but I'm unarmed. And dangerous. I have the beginning of a headache from Peet's withdrawal.

L and I decide lunch will be at M Chaya Cafe (yummy) where we can order lots of items on the diet. No brainer.We have the chopped salad, garden roll sushi and a side of broccolini and lentils. Except for the cucumber, I think we did okay. Delicious. (and bonus plug, as a member of KCRW we got an additional 15% off!).

After a few meetings and a journey to the grocery store, where we wandered aimlessly reading labels and jonesing for some java--we broke down and had some. So desperate to stop the hazy minds, we lapsed on day one at our not so fav Starbucks for a fix. Upside: we used soy milk and were more pleasant.

Dinner was our best effort with Dover sole as the starring role with an amazing salad of romaine, arugula, broccoli slaw and an avocado dressing, recipe to follow.

Today I missed chocolate. And java. Feeling tired. Have not been to the gym and the Doc says to exercise 3x weekly. Getting on it.

Will start documenting with pics starting tomorrow.


  1. edit: there was no honey needed in my yogurt, ur confusing me w SL ;0

    very LOL

  2. yes I am confused. dazed and confused. haven't had coffee ... or a proper burrito in days. :)

  3. Okay - I'm reading all this to begin my fun tomorrow. Definitely will need honey for any plain yogurt that goes into my body. Sour stuff.

  4. Try Siggi's Icelandic style yogurt. Needs no help from honey OR agave.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I think at the time of the diet, Siggi's was only on the east coast! Now to do it again and add all the new and improved products we have available.