Sunday, January 31, 2010


Woke up at 6:30am to the pitter patter of Z and I was NOT rearing to go. Need more sleep but feel better overall. Made a delightful breakfast of detox eggs florentine (forgot to take pic!!). Sauteed onions and added spinach, gluten free bread (it's really good toasted!!) spread with goat cheese and two perfectly poached eggs beautifully set atop. It so didn't need a sauce! We followed breakfast with a family hike in Runyon to work it off and dragged Dew again. She was a sport even though it was hotter today, poor thing.

For lunch, I heated the roasted chicken breast with brown rice and the caramelized carrot/onion mix from the roasting pan. Amazingly simple and delicious. Nothing beats a good roast chicken! Today was the Tu B'Shevat festival at Z's school, the big fundraising event, and we participated by running his class booth and L going solo into the silent auction (danger will robinson), junk food and games. I ate nothing. Admission of guilt: before the fest, we cheated. A little teeny bit. We were both craving coffee (6:30am and 4yo son=caffeine), so pulled the car over, went into a cafe and came out with a lovely, toxic Costa Rican brew. The guilt was soon dissipated and replaced by blissful smiles. 4 sips each. Maybe 5. Says a lot about the potency when the system reacts that quickly. Amen.

Now that the Aussie open is behind us, I can solidify the menu. And get back to my clients ... if they don't get blinded by my new glow. For the record, the leg pain is pretty much gone.

The detox is easier as we go forward (and that's not the coffee talking). Cheating is part of the game, Dr. Joshi says, just get right back on the program "if you have a piece of organic chocolate". Hmmm. Wonder if he would say that about a tub of pesticide popcorn and diet coke. I MISS THAT!!

Imagine my surprise when I found a case of wine on the doorstep yesterday ... a pre-valentine gift from L, a year subscription to Zagat quarterly wine program. Nice! She's torturing me. And yes, I said yesterday because I actually left it on the porch until I had to bring it in before I picked L up at the airport. I opened it this morning, drying my tears as I lovingly caressed each bottle, placing it on the shelf to gather dust.

Snack today was carrots and rice crackers with the homemade hummus. Z comments on the garlic breath, "stinky" so my secret plan is to get him to try it so we can be a garlic breath family. Stick together I say!

Dinner is almond crusted sole with sauteed kale and chard and a salad with fresh mozzarella, lemon and olive oil. My condolences to the heirloom tomatoes that won't be joining us this evening. We really wanted to turn our bubbly water into wine. Very sad indeed. And how is it that my stomach is growling at 8:45pm and I feel famished?? Nothing seems likely to satisfy me so I will immerse myself in the grammys that await on our dvr. Yes, I am still missing POPCORN.

Onward to week 2.

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