Monday, February 1, 2010


Awoke to the usual pitter patter of stomping feet, dog barking and overall 6:30am mayhem. And you would think a little hot water with lemon would be just the thing to calm one down ... and you would be wrong. What you need is a cup of g**#*#& coffee!! But I'm fine and the morning was over in a snap. Uneventful bowl of soy milk (with added calcium and vitamins of course) with gluten free granola (yep--tastes and chews as good as it sounds), bananas, diced almonds (thank goodness for these little gems!) and puffed styrofoam, I mean brown rice.

I snacked on another banana and some almonds at the office where in my desk sits a teasing jar of jellybeans. When I open the drawer I swear I hear "eat me". Little devils. Hateful.

I come home for lunch and fix us a salad with the still delectable roasted chicken. I eat more almonds in the car when I pick up Z from school and take him to his afternoon date (note to self: do not keep a full bag of almonds in the car!).

Had some challenges today ... and wondered aloud why I chose to be free of caffeine and alcohol at the same time! Where's the f*en glow people?? Now the leg pain is gone and I'm breaking out. I'm beginning to think my body liked my old diet and is rebelling against this faddy english doctor bs. No, really, I'm fine.

Dinner was turkey burgers with just s&p and thyme with a side of fried rice that had some broccoli, spinach, carrots, onion and fresh ginger. Not pretty (hence no pics) but yummy! Wanted ketchup and looked longingly as Z dipped each piece of his burger into the glistening red dollop.

Going to TJs for a late night emergency--we have run out of bananas. Horrors. Might make my new concoction of yogurt with bananas and almonds. Yogurt is the new Haagen Dazs, next on Oprah. Seriously. I'm in need of a martini.

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