Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had to make pancakes this morning. Up since pre-dawn (sounds and felt very jurassic), pre-sesame street, pre-garbage trucks (now that's early!). Needed pancakes (I use the Arrowhead Mills gf mix) and got everyone on board. Made yogurt with bananas and almonds to put on top. I made 9 and we ate ... 9. You do the math. 250 calories for 2. I rest my case.

No lunch today, unless you count the soy nuts and rice crackers I "found" in the car. So far so good, no signs of food borne illnesses. Took Z up Runyon Canyon in the late afternoon. Literally took Z up Runyon. Oy. He found a piece of quartz (our 1st word of the day) and was determined to find more--searching every nook and cranny on the mountain.He was dawdling (our 2nd wod) with every pepple and puddle so I put him in the stroller, all 50 pounds of him, and pushed him up the hill. Most of it anyway. I pulled out a banana midway and gave it to Z to take a bite, but only got a peel handed back to me. Nice sharing with Mommy. The view at the top was so spectacular (thank you rain), even Z commented on how much he could see! On the way down, Z was blocked during a course of green light/red light (he was in green mode!) by a wayward but determined french bulldog. Face plant in the path. His comment (to the captive audience of RC goers) was "good thing the dog had fur to protect it". Whew. Just a little scraped pinky and a wonderful adventure.

By now I am beyond famished and dreaming of a burrito (very romantic). I decide to make it vegetarian and sauteed cubed tofu spiced with chili, cayenne and cumin, kale, spinach and chard with onion and garlic (that song sounds vaguely familiar). Then I got the good brown rice tortillas from WF (these are not cardboard like the TJ brand) and put on pinto beans with the mixture and topped it with soy cheese. Melted it in the microwave and served it with mashed avo and chili yogurt, brown rice and a salad (forgot to take a pic but trust me it was beautiful). Not Poquito Mas ... but satisfied the craving. Yummy.

4 days left. We are going out on Friday night to the new "it" restaurant, The Tar Pit, and meeting friends for drinks after. Doing as little damage as we can ... in foresight. But let me tell you. There will be drinking. And most likely some not so gluten free substances. And we will delight in every morsel. To be continued ...

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