Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh how time flies! Day 13 is upon us and apparently the glow is starting to rear its toxin-free head. Started as usual ... EARLY (you know it's early when sesame street hasn't even started yet!). I took one look at L and knew that coffee would be needed (and discussed), the real stuff that's grown in places like Columbia and Costa Rica. And then shipped to Peets where they roast the beans to perfection before freshly grinding them for our little pound of pure heaven. No. We don't wake up to that now. We stay comatose to the chickory, barley blend masquerading in our brewmaster, which seems to know it's spewing out an imposter, pleading with me to reach for the other bag as if I'm contaminating it (and why I ask myself does that "other" magic brown bag remain in its prominent place on the countertop?). And why you might ask am I talking to my appliances? In the least, I should have a vodka before a full on conversation.

So breakfast was the standard yogurt ala no glucose substances, eaten mostly standing up and running out the door. I'm sure the good doc would not approve but real life just doesn't allow for seated dining in a tightly scheduled morning. Off to the office and the Mac store for repairs. That's an experience to behold. Apple on a weekend. Are we all kicking ourselves that we didn't see this coming 15 or 20 years ago?? It's a virtual candy store with stellar service. I bow to them. And to think I was a PC for all these years. A true regret. Now ... if only the iphone weren't at ATT we'd be totally synched!

We snacked on crunchy green beans from TJs on the way to a birthday party for a friend of Z's (who asked from the backseat "are those on your diet"? Scary.). There were a number, let's just say 25 for a nice round number, of other 4-5 year olds in a very active fun house kind of place. Think jumpy house and a rope climb to a tunnel slide (I had to do the first time with Z and had a claustrophobic attack that paralyzed me in the enclosed slide. I had to be talked down by a sympathetic mommy. Having palpatations just writing about it!) that delivers you to a large pool filled with balls that you can jump into ... or throw at your mommy. I was overstimulated so I can only imagine how the kids felt! Of course, L and I could only drink water as there was pizza and cake and powder doughnuts, which reminded me of a bad late 70's krispy kreme nightmare in Birmingham (as in Alabama). Need I say more? Not a good day for detoxing and by the time we got our semi-glow selves out of there we were a bit worse for wear. Just plain cranky. Raced home to leftover dal mix from last night with rice and leftover quinoa from the other night (starting to see a pattern here?). I also whipped up a little green salad for some fiberous crunch. Always with fresh lemon and evoo (extra virgin olive oil), just the way L likes it.

I can't remember if I snacked but I think nothing more than a couple of carrots between lunch and dinner. I went grocery shopping while z napped. Bad idea. Kind of like the birthday party but with adults. Did I remember it was the day before the super bowl? Not a chance. I could hear what everyone was making as I made my way through the throngs. Nachos, chili, "the little hot dog things", more chili (is that some sort of bowl tradition??), burgers, and ice cream (LOTS of ice cream and why was I on THAT aisle? A girl can dream ...). I was successful while I dodged carts in getting gluten free oatmeal (you think it already is right? but it's grown next to wheat and gluten crops so it gets gluten from nearby ... but Bobs Mills and some other cos grow their oats separately (free range if you will) and undergo tedious testing to ensure the product is gf. learn something new every day.) and gf pancake mix (they say on the bag that they will be "fluffy" so I'm a believer). And 300 bananas. Forgot the grapefruit for the liver detox. Oops.

Dinner was turkey burgers by request (I take them occasionally :)) and my famous "monster mash" (called such because I started making it around halloween so Z and I made up the name to go with the song): pureed steamed cauliflower in the blender (or cuisinart) with chicken stock and then s&p to taste. I also make it sometimes with lf milk. And maybe I will try rice milk next time. It's just like mashed potatoes is the point. Delish. And we had a small salad with fresh mozzarella (gotta have some real cheese once in a while).

My stomach is growling at 10:30pm AGAIN. What's up with that? My metabolism is just zooming along. And L told me my skin looks good (was it bad before?) and "those sweats were a little tighter before" (she probably said they are looser now but that's of course not how I "heard" it). We came this close to having a vodka tonight--I even put the bottle on the counter next to 2 glasses which seemed to be enough for us. I see a little slip on the horizon which the doc says is okay as long as you get back on the detox wagon. Giddy up.

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