Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can barely remember yesterday (for which I may be thankful), except that I was overcome by pure exhaustion. Couldn't even think about blogging. So I will compose 2 today to (over)compensate for my lack of consistency. It doesn't help that the weather has been somewhere between Seattle and the Antarctic (a slight exagerration. perhaps.). Someone who knows me well (hint: I sit down with her for a "50 minute hour" and then fork over some $) told me I really need to find the time for my workouts. Need a routine. Peets and my 7am spin class were a winning combo not too long ago ... teeccino and spin just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

We had oatmeal yesterday morning--the Bob's Mill gf. My memory is perfect for that since it was such a treat with melted bananas and the special organic raw honey from WF. Like a banana brulee for the gluten challenged! For lunch, I made a soy cheese sandwich in the forman grill with fresh arugula and leftover pesto on the new gf millet bread. I couldn't believe how "real" it tasted. And the truth is I didn't miss the dairy or the wheat. My digestion has speeded up which explains the constant growling.

I'm sure there was a soy nut snack inhaled somewhere in the day whilst working away on the computer. We picked up Z after school yesterday and he was going on and on about going to the sushi place, Wa, (it's really good for you LA folk) we like in the same place as his gym (at least someone is going ...). I told him it's not on the diet to which he protests "but Mommy, I'm on my sushi diet". Maybe he knows something we don't because he's looking mighty dapper these days! We stopped for a smoothie from BodyFactory (LOVE them). Even the small is just too large for Z so we got it split into 2 cups (drum roll) and L had a teensy weensy sip (a quarter of a straw) just "to test it for Z". He of course was slurping away in the back enjoying the sweet pineapple, banana frozen nectar talking about "brain freeze". We went to Wat Po for some release of our own while he gymmed. This place is the bomb. Usually. But L had some guy that she thought might have done some serious damage to her neck. Not relaxing. If you go (don't let this horror story deter you, mine was good and we have always had a fab experience) ask for a woman. The men will beat you up. Unless you like that sort of thing, feeling like you've gone 10 rounds. Ahhh. That sounds relaxing.

Dinner was "special sticks" (shhh, you don't say "fish" to a 4yo), corn and sweet potato fries ... and WE had my "famous" brown rice spaghetti (Tinkyada brown rice pasta rocks!) with chicken, kale, chard, garlic, onion and broccoli, reduced with chicken stock. My new tactic of making more backfired because I just kept going to the pot and "picking". Z ate (and by ate I mean "slurped") a bowl too with all the goodies in it! A new staple in the house to be sure.

I really think the exhaustion is all that detox partying we've been doing! We must cut that out! Those late night yogurts and teas.

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