Saturday, February 6, 2010


The morning was the usual fare: Z, lemon water, teeccino, egg white burritos with avo and goat cheese. Pouring rain and cold. Not feeling the glow this morning. Worked from home this morning so had lots of tea and water.

For lunch, we had leftover pasta (yummy) and soup. I also had 1/2 a baked sweet potato, which felt like cheating. I read today about the liver detox mixture Dr. Joshi recommends: grapefruit and lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and ginger all blended. Can't wait. Not.

I devoured 2 rows of the rice crackers (not the styrofoam ones but the real crackers) as a snack and a few soy nuts with almonds. Just depressing with the weather so stayed in and played with Z after school. Decided to cook dinner early since I'm obsessed with the menu. I soaked some mung beans overnight and then cooked them with lentils. I added sauteed onions, garlic and ginger and we loved it over the brown rice. Made a green salad with lemon and evoo. L mentioned she wanted a glass of wine. Could have had it but why enjoy ourselves when we are committed to being cranky?!

Low energy today could be weather related or maybe I need to have honey or something to rev it up a few notches. Will try that because I need to drag my butt to the gym! That's for the toxin release and my own high. Meanwhile I haven't weighed myself, but clearly I've lost a few lbs. I'm learning a lot about myself. I think the detox has helped with my patience as I'm not as quick to react negatively. Getting the swing and I think the next leg of the diet will be a breeze. Missing coffee big time though.

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