Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The morning was early per usual but I had a mission to accomplish--a friend told me about teechino, a coffee substitute. Granted we can't have the vanilla or hazelnut but on my quick run to WF (which opens at 7am btw!! who knew?) there was the perfect answer for us. Most importantly, I got to dust off the beautiful coffee maker and perform the daily ritual. All about the process! We liked it okay (it's not Peet's) with the soy milk. I think we had put the little bag on a pedestal and although it disappointed us a bit, we now have a peets sub. Thank goodness because we are going to try to stay off the java post detox. Scary. I made breakfast burritos with egg whites, scallions and goat cheese. And a little cheat with avos, I think. Then detox list says no avos but you can have guacamole. Makes no sense. Maybe we can have wine but no grapes?!!

Not exactly bounding with energy today. Forgot to bring a snack when I left the house for work and didn't get home until after 2pm. Inhaled 2 rice cakes with hummus and a banana. Not exactly gourmet but did the trick. L only had almonds while she was out all day with Z. Never a good idea! I worked out on the Octane in the garage. What a treat to have her so close!

For dinner, I made the broccoli and arugula soup I saw on Gwyneth's blog (my new bff). I added peas and used veggie stock instead of water and added the lemon in the bowls. I made organic quinoa with turmeric and curry and served it with fried tofu. It was all delish. Might need a nosh of something tonight. I'm like a human sieve, this diet just doesn't seem to keep me sated.

Opted out of the snack. Just too exhausted to deal with the kitchen. And prep. Time is crawling along but we're almost half way there! Still the glow eludes me ...

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