Monday, February 8, 2010


Same time, same bat channel. No matter what time the boy goes to bed, he gets up at 7am. How is that? I couldn't muster the energy to go to WF and get more teeccino so we did a "mini-cheat" with the combo. Desperate times. I made eggs and turkey bacon for Z, so just made them for us too (minus the bacon of course!), with some onions and spinach. And I had a leftover pancake with the banana-yogurt combo. Scrumptious. Keeping those on the radar big time. Got xantham gum (it's bacterium that thickens stuff so click it to learn something new) today so I can make up muffins with the gf baking mix--banana of course.

I went to the office unprepared for snacks or lunch (quelle surprise) so got a butternut squash soup at WF. Read pretty much every label in the store. They have an entire gf section in the BH store which fascinated me (that tells you a lot about my life at the moment ...). I got us some more gf bread and the brown rice wraps too. And some cracker snacks for L that I think she'll love. We are doing well with the no gluten, but I'm particularly fond of eating less dairy and sugar. I think maybe I've become lactose intolerant. Not pretty (you know what I mean). I wasn't a massive consumer but the body is a fine-tuned machine and even the subtlest of changes makes a difference. Take for instance, hmmm vodka. More on that later.

I got home from work and devoured a banana. Well I don't remember actually eating it but the peel was in my hand so one would assume. I made an impromptu pesto for dinner with arugula and basil, toasted pine nuts, olive oil and lemon. Stellar. Served it on wild sockeye salmon (that I started on the stove and finished in the oven) with brown rice and sauteed garlic, kale and chard. Thank goodness for the pesto because the quality of the fish was not great as was the unfortunate fact that it was overcooked. Still, it was a nice change. Especially the vodka (at least we didn't have the wine), which ended up really being my slip since L only had a few sips and hers had soda. My first real slip (are we counting the coffee? really?) I have to say I feel guilt-free (as opposed to gluten free). It was better than good. Belvedere leaves you "edge free". Take that Mr. Gluten!

It's 10:30pm and my stomach isn't growling. A first, I think. And even though I wasn't necessarily doing this detox for weight loss, I'm finding that a lot of my clothes are hanging on me. Not a good look. Shabby T. So if you're thinking about doing this detox (and you should be) keep the tailor on speed dial! I did think today in the car that since a large part the world is going in the non-dairy direction, we should start a company that does everything soy LesSoyMan. No?

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