Thursday, February 4, 2010


We got to sleep in this morning until 7:30 (thank you z!). Made the usual lemon water and put on the coffee (sub)--just the process of filling the carafe with filtered water gave me a jolt! And today I figured out the proportions (desperate measures) so much so that if I didn't have such a discriminating palate, I would think I'm drinking coffee from some mediocre diner. Heaven. Breakfast was on the fly so the usual cereal mix, bananas and soy/rice milk. Z even had soy milk (granted it was vanilla) and never uttered a peep (about the soy anyway).

Discovering that I have to pack snacks not just for Z but also for L. Admittedly, it's tough to figure out what to eat. It's a continuous struggle. You go to the refrigerator, first line of attack, and stand there for minutes, door open, looking at everything but nothing pops or you just can't eat it. Then to the pantry where the experience is less chilly but results in the same frustration. At this point, your blood sugar is low and you are going to eat, horrors, almonds yet again. Hence a snack pack for L. Okay, so today it was almonds but I threw in some soy nuts as a surprise. Wacky.

We went to LACMA today, my first time since the Broad was built. Shame on me! L bought a membership to support the arts and off we went to see Koons, Johns, Warhol, Beuys (ok I'd never heard of him until today), Serra ... the big guns. Disappointed that the second floor was undergoing remodeling so missed quite a bit but it still felt uber satisfying. The building itself, designed by Renzo Piano, is amazing. And the coffee ... did I say that out loud?? Oops. We fell off the wagon a wee bit with a double soy latte. One must be alert to fully appreciate the art and the artist. And as L said, it is hump day after all (in our insular detox world).

Post the "falling" we went to M Cafe for a tasty lunch treat. It's macrobiotic ... in an amazing foodie kind of way. We had garden and salmon rolls sushi (there were 2 before the pic. L.) and the chopped salad with tofu dressing. Okay so there's a little apple cider vinegar in it. I had them show me the ingredients from the secret bound recipe notebook which I wanted to grab (if by grab one means "steal"). Sue me. Coffee and vinegar in the same day. Still a champion detoxer!

There was no snacking between lunch and dinner since dinner basically came on the heels of lunch. We had an appointment early evening and Z had to eat too so just made it all at once. And of course we were hungry because NOTHING seems to fill us up. And it's not because we are so "efficient" either! But tonight was different (why is tonight different from all other nights? look it up, people, it's part of passover!) because we actually were full. I made the leftover broccoli/pea/arugula soup and brown rice pasta with chicken, thyme, parsley, red chard, garlic, onion, chicken stock and olive oil. It was scrumptious (as z would say)! He didn't even eat his pizza but had some pasta instead! We even shared some with the sitter (which was hard to part with considering tomorrow's grazing factor) and she loved it ... or said she did anyway as we forced it upon her!

No workout today but making a commitment to be better. Not sure if it's an energy thing, psychological or what but it's just hard to get to the gym (or the garage :)). Need to release the toxins for the glow. Mantra. Ommmm.


  1. the sushi pieces were stacked. i did not jump the gun. creative license..
    the pasta was sublime.