Saturday, February 13, 2010


Early mornings as I wrote in previous blog. Try 4:30am"ish" on Saturday. Not quite sure how I'm functioning on so little zzzs. And if by "glow" Dr. Joshi means you will "resemble a racoon", I'm a shining example! Honestly though, my skin and hair have improved in every way--and if you can "stomach" the conversation, my internal system is working 'round the clock. Even so, a colonic wouldn't be out of the question some time soon.

The food has been pretty tame except for dinner last night which turned out to be spectacular. A nice finale after the usual fare of gf pancakes, gf millet bread sandwiches and yogurt. What started out as simply chicken with thai rice noodles and peas ended up as an amazing soup-like dish with cayenne spiced chicken, broccoli, peas, spinach, fennel, onion, carrots and garlic. All cooked with chicken stock and garnished with fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Soooooo good. The previous night's pre-play dinner is worth an honorable mention. Tilapia coated with herbed and spiced brown rice flour and sauteed, served with haricot verts (that's green beans to you non-foodie non-francophiles). We followed Saturday's dinner with a play worthy of NY ... but here in LA. Imagine that, we do have good theater! Go go go to Female of the Species with Annette Bening. She steals the show, even making David Arquette look decent. Funny and poignant from beginning to end.

Stayed on the detox today though I can't seem to kick the coffee, that singular vice o' mine. Case in point: I even consumed inferior beans this morning after realizing my lack of Peets ... and have already set the pot on a 6:10am auto with the same crappy blend for my 7am spin. Even though my heel spur doesn't seem improved at all 3 months later. Went to the podiatrist and I rested, iced and did the stretching exercises. Apparently, I need to stow the Havaianas for 6 months and not walk around barefoot! Sacrilege here. I might get arrested! At least they didn't say no Uggs!

So the diet continues with modifications. We had sushi tonight but nothing fried or "mayonnaised". We had beer. One each which was fine but could have done without. And I'm eating popcorn as I write this!! My other "singular" vice. Back on the wagon tomorrow. Might add a nightshade vegetable or two. And some evil vinegared substances on occassion--jalapenos and mustard for sure. I did hear those wine bottles chattering at me as I steal passed--"I have luscious vanilla notes with fabulous legs. Drink me". How do I resist THAT come on! I imagine I will give in sooner than later. That said, I'm not going to be an "everything in moderation" gal. I'm liking my "glutenous" free ways. Stay tuned ...

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