Friday, January 29, 2010


So I woke up with the pain again in my legs which scared me, like I might have some nervous system disorder. Searched the internet and found a writer for the Guardian who was actually treated by Dr. Joshi and created a blog which is quite funny and he says he had the same pain And the doc said it was the toxins surfacing. Incredible that I had that many toxins when I thought I ate so well--what was I putting in my body??

Breakfast was nice today. Egg whites with a piece of gluten free toast. Yummy change. The cooking and the thinking about what to cook is very time consuming. As is waiting for the ATT man. Captive. Ate a banana.

Read about the bowel movements today and we should be having at least 2 a day. Then why are we happy with our one?! Even my bowels aren't efficient enough. Long road ahead. Still on the fence about the colonic. And now there is lymphatic drainage suggested too which really gets the toxins moving out. If the leg pain persists I will have to drink a bottle of wine with a filet!!

Having a hard time with the pain. Distracting. Made a brown rice tortilla thingy for lunch again--chicken, goat cheese, organic brown rice and the avo sauce. The wrap is a little too "cardboardy" for my taste. Not sure I'll be giving up my burrito fixes after this--maybe sub a whole wheat tortilla. Need heat too. Some hot sauce or maybe get some fresh hot peppers!!

Big bonus: today I learned we can have almonds, walnuts, yams, sweet potatoes and winter squash, like acorn. Looking at these pics, I see we need a splash of color in the food. More herbs. orange squash, red lentils. All coming up.Getting those this weekend for L's return so our menu will be expanded. I feel lethargic and unmotivated. When does the "hop out of bed in the morning" quality kick in? Need some vanilla swiss almond ala haagen daaz. mmmm.

Just made delish hummus. I doubled the recipe because it will be my snack ... but still struggling with movie night without popcorn. What to do? Had 2 rice cakes with hummus for a snack. Always better homemade!

Simple Hummus

1 can organic garbanzo beans (reserve liquid)
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup reserved liquid from beans
olive oil
3-4 tablespoons tahini
fresh parsley

In blender or food processor, grind garlic then add rest of ingredients. Add olive oil, salt and more liquid to taste and for texture.

ATT never came so I called and went through the maze to get to a repair operator who basically said "just because we say 12-4pm doesn't mean he comes to the house between those times. he is working on the line right now where he thinks the problem is". Oh. So when they tell you to be home they don't really mean it. A"tt"holes. Still no dial tone and intermittent internet. And then they tried to sell me on their latest and greatest product, U-Verse. Tape 4 programs at once. I can't even watch the ones I tape now (except the tennis). Simplify I say.

I'm peeing all the time now. I've had at least a liter plus of water already and carrot juice and 10 gallons of green tea. My liver must be happy. But my legs ... Oy.

So now the ATT guy finally shows up at 5pm and says he hasn't been working elsewhere, that the rule is he needs to call then show up at the house (clearly not within the allotted window). Lots of issues and there isn't any available cable between us and the main street. Might be repaired by Monday ... sounds like credit to our phone bill to me.

Spent so much time getting Z ready for the sitter and making his dinner, I actually forgot to eat and found myself at Arclight with few options, walked around and almost went for sushi then baja fresh for chicken and rice, but none of it seemed right. I had my green bean snacks from TJs. Raced past the concession, shielding my eyes from the glory trough of popcorn. Even the apple sausage was calling to me. But I stuck it out--huge for me. Crazy Hearts. Big thumbs up. go go go. Thought I would make something at home but just had a banana and my tenth green tea. And watching Federer as my main course. Ahhh.

Hoping the leg pain is gone in the a.m. and the deep dark circles under my eyes. This is good for me, right?

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