Monday, February 8, 2010


Sunday mornings are for waking up late and relaxing with the NYT (don't touch my crossword puzzle. please.) and Peets, going out for a nice brunch with bloody marys (extra horseradish!), and maybe a run or hike at the beach. Now back to our regularly scheduled program ...

We did wake up late, if by late you mean 6:45am. L tried to let me sleep in (thank you for the thought) but with the yogi oh movie (or whatever those japanese playing cards are called) blaring from Z's room, dewey's ansy "I need to go out" dance and the mere fact that I can't go back to sleep once I'm up, I found myself mapping out the day in my head. The gf pancake mix was front and center as I think my body is craving for some substance. L brought in the lw (lemon water) ... and followed up with what I thought was teeccino until I saw the twinkle in her eye. "I mixed it with Peets." My mind said "no", but my body said "ooh yes" (hmmm. now why does that feeling seem so familiar??). This was a special Sunday treat. Buzz. Check.

I made the first batch of pancakes with Z as my sous (so what's wrong with a little eggshell crunch amongst family?). I gave him two with some syrup (only real maple in our house) and gave L and myself one. All I can say is there was a second batch quickly whipped up on the heels of the first. Outstanding. I had mine with nf plain yogurt and bananas. Next time I will add some chopped almonds! L had hers with honey and bananas. With a sparkle in her eye (might have been residual from the brewed combo but I'm convinced it's attributed to the golden cakes!), L said these were worth every penny. Now if only the Griddle could offer gf cakes ...

I went to the gym (not a typo) with Z (he goes to kid's club for his "muscles") and actually did weights and cardio. Almost felt heroic. Afterwards, we raced home as I had a showing and an open house. Of course, I forgot I needed food so L and I threw a cold turkey burger, hb egg and a banana into my bag. I was beyond hungry (can you say crank monster?!!) by the time I was able to eat around 1:30pm and the growling didn't help (and it wasn't coming from my tummy!). The demon was also calmed with some hot tea and the super bowl (no, I am NOT one of those football girls, it was on for the "guests"). Not too shabby environs if you have to work! A buyer came through the house and we were chatting about the detox to which he said "you don't need a diet". Doesn't that mean it's working! Bingo!

Had a snack upon arriving home of rice crackers with the never ending tub o' hummus (which we did finally put to rest) and watched the remainder of the game while doing the NYT puzzle (my addiction). L and Z went to Home Depot (is there a better time to go than when every HD junkie and his/her mother is in front of the tube watching men with tight asses be obsessed with a ball). She did report back that there were a gaggle of nuns (I'm sure that is the right vernacular) exiting with plants in tow. They are dialed in for sure!

While I love to cook, I'm starting to feel a little too much at one with the "kitchen" (is barefoot and pregnant far behind?) so need to address making larger quantities in advance. I threw together a stir fry with kale, spinach, onions, garlic, broccoli and chicken, spiced with thyme and cayenne over brown rice. Finding I like the taste and texture of the basmati over the long grain if anyone is interested. I don't think L was impressed with the dining experience as I saw her eyeing Z's dinos. Or perhaps she was just glazed over from the day's mommy duties. I offered vodka as a consolation prize but I think an hour of reflexology would have elicited a better reception. We are still alcohol free. Stunning. In every way.

My metabolism continues to streamline and like clockwork, I was hungry again at 10pm. Went into the kitchen and made the yogurt concoction, mine with added soy nuts for some extra pizazz.

I'm not missing very much at the moment. Feeling clearer and cleaner, whether real or imaginary (I think I can, I think I can ...).

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  1. wish i had taken a pic of the nuns for the post. all in full habit, in line walking thru the parking lot, carts with identical contents, 2 plants, 2 bags of soil, and a flashy SUV pick up from the 5th nun.

    p.s. u are NOT imagining it :)

    p.s.s i AM a football fan. z is not...