Saturday, February 13, 2010


As I savor my second cup of Peets, a necessary "evil" this morning. The Olympics are being highlighted on the Today show and I'm getting familiar with curling. really? is sweeping a sport??) I'm trying to recall day 19. Well, technically night 19. No pics thank you very much.

Yesterday started innocently enough with an egg white sandwich on gf bread with soy cheese. Mashed expertly between layers of the forman grill. Yum. And yes, accompanied with a cup of joe (or 2). Kudos to me for having tea later in the morning at a biz meeting IN a Peets. Rethinking the caffeine free living long term. At least until the sleeping pattern gets under control. Woke up at 5am this morning after going to bed at 1am. Not pretty.

Had a delicious lunch with L at M Chaya Cafe--our usual chopped salad with tempeh, veggies and tofu peppercorn dressing and a couple of brown rice sushi rolls. We also had a "tonic" of beets, celery, kale and LOTS of ginger. Spicy goodness. Snacked later on the usual soy nut/almond mix and then ... we let the games begin.

Off to The Tar Pit, a new restaurant from Campanile's Mark Peel, to test our mettle on a menu that I didn't write. L remarked on how foreign it was to have someone else cooking! Indulgence thoroughly appreciated. We started with vodka cocktails ... well that was the intention, but unfortunately our appetizers came before our drinks. Not a good sign. We tried to be as detox friendly as possible and shunned the pig ear pasta and wild boar meatballs (nothing on the menu was over $20). The oysters on the half shell were perfect but there were 5?? Odd ... we followed that with a yummy albeit salty octopus salad and spicy tuna tartare (on cucumber slices). No bread at all. The coq au vin blanc was piping hot with cippolinis and lardons (so not on the detox). My favorite dish. All in all, it was a tame diversion from our usual restrictions ... and then we moved on to Bar Centro at the SLS, designed by Philip Starck, which has "pretty food for pretty people". Cool loungey space, crawling with the wannabes of Hollywood. We were cocooned in a cushy booth with our friends and ordered some apps (yes we were on a progressive dinner, still hungry from the first!)--sweet potato chips with greek yogurt (totally on the diet except for the tamarind sauce drizzled on the dip) and guacamole in thin jicama cups. And a "few" signature cocktails. Everything was worth the detox detour with one of the highlights being our server, Hailey, who was delightful and made our evening even more debaucherous, I mean entertaining. We had to be home by midnight or Cinderella L would turn into a pumpkin. We missed the mark by a hair.

Overall I feel good. I'm back to my fighting weight and looking forward to continuing the diet principles as a foundation. With a little vodka and coffee to liven things up a little.


  1. Nice job Tracey...your food looks amazing...what a inspiration you are...I will read this daily keep up the good work. lol Keleka

  2. thank you. I will join your blog as well.